Between October 1,2014 to October 31,2015 FWYW artist and founder Bradley Beard created a series of 421 horror-themed portraits and released them daily on Facebook for 396 consecutive days. This self imposed challenge has become known as the 13 Months of Horror and to commemorate it’s 5th anniversary, Bradley is sharing it once again on Facebook and Instagram. FWYW will be collecting each week’s and sharing them in our blog so please enjoy as we present to you The 13 Months of Horror – Revisited



Today’s design is of Max Schreck as Count Orlok from the 1922 silent classic Nosferatu. Probably one of the creepiest vampires ever portrayed on film, next to Mr. Barlow from Salem’s Lot. The idea of these designs is to convey symmetry of form with minimalistic detail. The difficulty is retaining the likeness of the actor but the fun is experimenting with the color palette. Hope you enjoy this one and all of the rest to come. Sweet dreams, folks…



“It’s Friday night, lock your doors up tight. Come down into the deadly lair, frightening things are everywhere. Face your fears and gather near, the Dr. Fearless show is here.” Tonight I present Dr. Fearless, a machination from the mind of multi-talented actor David Dastmalchian. Dr. Fearless is a fictitious horror host created to introduce the highly anticipated Count Crowley: Reluctant Monster Hunter from Dark Horse Comics. Count Crowley, written by Dastmalchian and drawn by Lukas Ketner, is about TV journalist Jerri Bartman who after being “demoted” to hosting horror movies, soon discovers that her job has hidden duties… hunting real live monsters. The book is slated for release on October 23, just in time for Halloween. Reserve your copy with your local comic dealer today!!



Zombie day… what can I say? Everybody loves zombies, right? Today’s design is Dr. Tongue from the George Romero classic Day of the Dead. This movie hit me like a kick in the teeth. When Dr. Tongue (the first zombie shown in the movie) walked out with his meat grinder face and 10 inch tongue hanging, I knew I had better just stop the movie right now or I wouldn’t be able to eat for several hours… actually I don’t think I wanted to eat for several days. Yesterday was old school, today is new school. It has only just begun… see you tomorrow.



Today’s design is heavy on the creep scale. This illustration is of Vincent Price as Professor Henry Jarrod from the classic House of Wax. House of Wax was made in 1953 & was one of the first 3D movies ever made. Imagine having never seen a 3D movie before back at that time and having this face come out of the scream… I mean, screen at you! If you have never seen it before, definitely one to check out. It also features a young Charles Bronson playing a deaf mute. Great stuff! What image will be lurking around the corner tomorrow?



Tonight I present a portrait that I rejected from the original 13 Months of Horror. Initially, I felt it was too close to my portrait of Vincent Price from House of Wax which I’m also presenting tonight. Looking at it 5 years later, I feel that it deserves to live. Mystery of the Wax Museum was released in 1933 and starred Lionel Atwill and Fay Wray. It was one of the last 2 films ever produced in 2 color technicolor. Was I right in giving this monster life? Let me know what you think.



Tonight I present the Zuni warrior doll from the classic 1975 TV movie Trilogy of Terror starring Karen Black and directed by Dan Curtis. I remember the day after this aired, all the kids in school were talking about how scary this doll was. As I was drawing this piece, the person sitting next to me saw it and said that this movie frightened her so much as a child and it is the reason she won’t watch horror movies. It is fascinating how some movies leave such an indelible mark on our psyche. Enjoy today for you do not know what tomorrow will bring…



This horrific design & freakish looking fellow is the very young veteran actor Christopher Lee as the monster from the 1957 Hammer Horror classic Curse of Frankenstein. It also starred the late great Peter Cushing as Dr. Frankenstein. It was at this time that Hammer Studios redefined the genre of horror. They were really the first studio to present classic gothic horror in Technicolor gory… I mean glory. The first time I saw this movie was when my parents got their first color television in the early 1970’s and when the monster was revealed in his full color disfigurement, it was the first movie moment that truly frightened me. Another classic for you to revisit on video for the upcoming holidays. And speaking of revisit, please revisit me tomorrow for another creepy classic.



Today’s design is a step back into time to what is considered by most to be the movie that gave birth to the modern science fiction movie. This of course is Maria the robot from the 1927 German expressionist silent classic Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang. I am a huge fan of the expressionist movement because as an artist, the innovative lighting techniques used by directors to convey the contrast of the lights and shadows is inspiring. This was the perfect character for me to convey that feel, I tried to use colors that would still somewhat evoke a black and white “feel”. She came out so beautiful that I couldn’t wait to post her. A little on the lighter side today as tomorrow might not be so pretty…



Today’s design comes from the 1988 John Carpenter classic They Live starring “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, another Hollywood attempt to prove that professional wrestlers really can act. Aside from the sometimes stiff acting and the bizarre idea of magic sunglasses that allow the viewer to see through the alien disguises, this really is a creepy movie. It is based on the premise that the aliens are trying to subvert us and gain control of our lives through subliminal programming with trigger words such as “Obey”. The aliens have planted themselves throughout our society at the highest levels. Consider this design the “magic” sunglasses that allow you to see one of them as well. I WILL see you tomorrow with another design. OBEY…