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Legendary Horror Hostess Crematia Mortem Partners with FWYW

Fear What You Wear is proud to announce an official partnering with legendary horror movie hostess Crematia Mortem. Although we have much to say about this incredible venture, Crematia was gracious enough to share her thoughts with us which we would like to share with you here.

In Crematia’s Words

“Back in the 80’s, I hosted KSHB-TV’s “Creature Feature” for nine years as the corset-clad Crematia Mortem. The station was carried not only in Kansas City but also in five other Midwestern states. As a result, Crematia developed a huge and loyal following. Each week on the show, we gave away promotional tee-shirts to viewers who answered trivia questions, took part in contests, or attended local events. A whole generation of kids grew up watching Crematia, and it’s one of the joys of my life that people remember her so fondly from their childhood. Crematia has been featured in several books, a documentary, and was inducted into the Horror Host Hall of Fame in 2012.”

“While it’s been nearly 30 years since the show aired, I continued to receive requests from viewers for promotional items from the show. (Many of those people still had the original tee shirts they’d won years ago on the show that are now falling apart!). There were only a few original tee shirts remaining from the show, so I realized that I needed to recreate or reimagine those designs in order to make them available again. And I wanted the new tee shirts to be fabulous. I experimented with a couple of print-on-demand tee shirt houses, but was so disappointed at how bad the designs turned out, how limited their processes were, and the terrible quality of the shirts themselves.”

“I discovered the artist Bradley Beard when he featured Crematia as one of the subjects for his art project “13 Months of Horror”. He’d just started Fear What You Wear to promote his own designs, and we began discussing whether it might be possible for him to retool some of the original designs from Crematia’s Creature Feature. I bought a few of Bradley’s t-shirts and was so impressed not only with how beautiful the artwork was, but also with the quality of the shirts themselves. They’re soft and comfy and colorful….and I knew I’d found the perfect company to bring Crematia back to her fans!”

The short answer:

—”I wanted to bring back Crematia’s tees because so many people kept asking for them!!”

—”I partnered with Fear What You Wear because its owner Bradley Beard is a remarkable artist, the company is focused on quality, the shirts are beautiful and comfortable, and it was kismet!”


Our Fears Have Been Answered

What can we possibly say that Crematia hasn’t already said? A sincere thank you to Crematia and her fans for helping to make this a successful venture. Please be sure to check out Crematia’s new website at crematiamortem.com.

Man wearing a black Fear What You Wear t-shirt depicting a classic image of horror hostess Crematia Mortem silhouetted in the moonlight

Horror hosting legend Crematia Mortem has partnered with FWYW to bring you one of her classic t-shirt images re-imagined by artist Bradley Beard. Order your limited edition tee today https://fearwhatyouwear.com/product/crematia-mortem-midnight-moonlight/