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Fear What You Wear Introduction into the Las Vegas Souvenir Market

The National Atomic Testing Museum has officially partnered with Fear What You Wear to bring you the hottest line of souvenir wear in the Las Vegas market.

The National Atomic Testing Museum (NATM) is a national science, history and educational institution that tells the story of America’s nuclear weapons testing program at the Nevada Test Site. The Museum uses lessons of the past and present to better understand the extent and effect of nuclear testing on worldwide nuclear deterrence and geo-political history. It provides collection-based exhibits and learning activities for greater public understanding and appreciation of the world in which we live. Its collections and activities are inseparably linked to serve a diverse public of varied ages, backgrounds and knowledge.

Bradley Beard is a 30-year resident of Las Vegas and an alumnus of the CSN graphic arts program. He’s mastered numerous traditional mediums and developed several different artistic styles throughout the years but has become associated most recently with his minimalistic portrait style. Bradley’s work gained recognition between October 1, 2014 to October 31, 2015 when he created the 13 Months of Horror; a self-imposed art challenge in which he created 421 horror-themed pop art portraits within a 396 day period and presented them daily on his Facebook art page. Fear What You Wear was formed in 2016 as an outlet for introducing Bradley’s dynamic designs to the public.

The National Atomic Testing Museum proudly presents an exclusive collection of atomic-themed designs created in collaboration with Fear What You Wear. Bradley meticulously researched science and history to create a series of designs that riff on atomic pop culture past and present. From 50’s nuclear tests in Bikini Atoll (and the famous swimsuit design that took its name from these tests) to the popular Fallout video game series, Beard’s designs offer a bold, modern take on Atomic Age iconography.

Fear What You Wear would like to express our gratitude to the National Atomic Testing Museum for allowing us this opportunity to create products for their souvenir line.

Where to Buy Our NATM Products

The NATM / FWYW t-shirts are currently available in the museum gift shop and will soon be available through the National Atomic Testing Museum website.

Artist Bradley Beard proudly standing next to his first wave of National Atomic Testing Museum t-shirts.

Artist Bradley Beard stands proudly next to Fear What You Wear’s first wave of National Atomic Testing Museum t-shirts.