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If you’re looking for cheap, inferior t-shirts that you can buy 4 for $10, then stop now and read no further. However, if you truly care about the quality of apparel that you wear on your body, then this blog is for you. At Fear What You Wear, our only priority is producing comfortable tees with badass designs; in a word, it comes down to quality.

  • Quality of Apparel
  • Quality of Design
  • Quality of Application

Quality of Apparel

First and foremost is quality of the t-shirt blanks that we use in production. We choose to use Bella + Canvas products for our apparel due to their superior quality as well as the fact that they’re made in America. The Bella blanks are 100% airlume combed and ring-spun cotton which means that more impurities are removed from the cotton in production which allows for a tighter woven fabric that has a smoother consistency and is an ideal surface to print on.

We feel that Bella + Canvas construction is far superior to cheaper brands as well. Cheap tees are constructed using a tubular piece of fabric which has the arms and neck sewn on, remember the human body is not the shape of a tube. Torquing is another problem common with tubular tees which means that after washing the garment, it begins to twist. Bella tees are constructed using side seam construction offering customers a retail fit and after washing, the garment maintains it’s original shape. In addition, Bella also offers shoulder to shoulder taping which provides better comfort and durability.

Bella + Canvas takes pride in the comfort of their tees. We prefer the way their tees feel on our skin; they are super soft to the touch and their comfort level is incredible. Bella + Canvas offers us a higher quality product for our customers that allows us to stand out from our competitors.

Quality of Design

With thousands of t-shirt companies out there nowadays that offer millions of different designs, it’s very easy to get lost in the shuffle. The reason that Fear What You Wear stands apart from all the others is due in large part to our artist and founder, Bradley Beard.

Bradley is known for his dynamic designs and bold use of color. His work gained recognition when he created his 13 Months of Horror, a project which ran from October 1, 2014 to October 31, 2015 in which he designed at least one new horror-themed portrait each day and released them consecutively on Facebook; he created a total of 421 portraits in 396 days. In addition, each portrait was complete with its own biography and all of this was done while Bradley was working a full time job; an incredible feat to say the least.

Bradley believes that the t-shirt design process is to not just create an image that will be put on a t-shirt but to utilize the t-shirt as his canvas and create a design that is tailored to the look and fit of the tee. When he creates a new design, he spends numerous hours on research and development. He aspires to create new t-shirt design concepts that have never before existed or to re-imagine existing ideas and put his own unique spin on them. His witty sense of humor combined with his love of the macabre makes for exciting apparel designs that will get you noticed.

Quality of Application

Last and certainly not least is the design application process. Nowadays, digital printing and print-on-demand garments are all the rage. This process is great when you want something quick and cheap or when you need a small production run but where the problem lies in these processes is with the lack of quality control; you have no idea what the final product is going to look like. That is why we believe that the tried and true process of screen printing is by far the best.

Generally, when companies screen print t-shirts with more than 4 colors, they choose to print them using the 4 color CMYK process because it makes their production considerably cheaper. This means the range of colors present in the design are reproduced using the colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black; if you look closely at most multi-color t-shirt designs, you will notice they are composed of very small colored dots. This does allow for a wider range of colors but also softens the definition of the design.

When Bradley creates his artwork, he generally designs the images with areas of solid color allowing for bolder and more dynamic graphics. This allows him to be more specific in his color choices; in many cases, his final designs may call for up to 8 Pantone colors. Instead of our designs being comprised of a series of dots, our designs are composed with areas of solid color (the only exception being when he chooses to use gradients or blends in a design). Because we choose to print using solid Pantone colors instead of the 4 color process, the production costs end up being higher but our final product is sharper and considerably more eye-catching.


In closing, we want to make it clearly understood that we spare no expense in creating our apparel because it’s our mission to bring you the quality we feel that you deserve. Remember, when you wear your Fear, you’re wearing our best.